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• What is Coursepark?

Bluedrop has taken over Serebra operations and

With this change, Bluedrop has replaced the Easylearning program with Course Park program.

The above developments led to the following operational changes in Easylearning:

Courses provided by Mindleaders were withdrawn from Serebra Easylearning library and thereby became inaccessible through Easylearning format.

Instead of the individual courses as we had in Easylearning, Bluedrop converted their course format to the CoursePark format designed after the knowledge track model which is the latest trend in e-learning technology.

The C2 platform on which the PIN – code model was based had to be discontinued forthwith and in consequence, the PIN codes were rendered unredeemable.

CoursePark is Bluedrop’s unique eLearning platform that powers learning for regions, industries, groups and individuals in over 100 countries. The platform is focused on one thing: helping people acquire in demand skills, painlessly, efficiently and at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. CoursePark is a social, secure and scalable, cloud-based training system that embraces informal learning, and collaboration. Bluedrop has some courses contained in their course park e-learning program. The course catalog contains the following topics:

• Arts and Entertainments

• Business Management

• Desktop Application

• Finance and Administration

. Health and Safety

• Human Resources

. Nursing and Healthcare

• Personal Development

. Professional Development

• Sales and marketing

• Sciences and Engineering

• Technology

However, other third party courses are provided through the following vendors:

1. SkillSoft has acquired MindLeaders

2. OLE

3. Canadian Manufactures and Exporters

4. Smart

5. Society for vascular Nursing

6. The Effectiveness Group

7. Watch IT/SmartPro

• MindLeaders

Mindleaders is now under SkillSoft, their course catalog is made up of Business and Technical catalog.Technical Course Catalog (2031 Courses). MindLeaders specializes in Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco, Java, and Oracle certifications and competencies. It has the following courses:

a. AJAX, C, CGI/Perl, CISCO Syllabus, COBOL, ColdFusion, CompTIA

b. DB2, HTML, Java, Linux, Microsoft .NET, MS Exchange, MS SharePoint

c. MS SQL Server, Oracle, RDMBS, REXX Programming, SAS, Solaris

d. Unix, Visual .NET, Visual C,

e. Web design and Graphics, Window X Directory, XML, XEDIT

Business Course Catalog (965 Courses)

SkillSoft Course Catalog

- Business Solutions

All IT Collections

For more information, you may visit our Nigeria office at Infonet Limited, 2A Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way, Maryland Junction Ikeja, Lagos. Or visit CoursePark website at

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